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In the globalised arena, continuing education is regarded as critical for the country drive towards a knowledge-based economy when the main mode of communication is mainly in English. Continuing education, also known as further education in the United Kingdom and Ireland, is the bridge between the academic world and the community. In order to promote and implement programmes for further education, priority has been given to make education accessible and more importantly affordable to those who are not able to obtain formal qualifications.

The Universiti Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCed), as the name suggests, focuses on facilitating education beyond the formal boundaries of established and conventional educational enterprises.

An integral part of academic and career success in today globalised business world is proficiency in English. Recognizing this important factor, UMCCed has created a number of English Skills and Language programmes that target the needs of students and the working community. All programmes at UMCCed are designed to meet the needs of our rapidly developing country, providing students with a competitive edge by being competent and well-trained and versatile in their language and communication skills.

UMCCed offers an array of English Skills and Language Programmes at Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels as well as Business Courses catering to both school leavers and adults in the academic and professional sectors. These programmes are designed to suit the needs and requirements of the students who want to learn English. It ranges from using English to interact socially to pursuing academic achievements, and advancing in their career. For many students and adults it is a personal desire to study in a prestigious university like the Universiti Malaya to get their undergraduate or post graduate degrees and ultimately a doctorate. For some students, using English in their work environment or doing business in the international arena is an essential requirement towards success. Others want to study English simply because it is useful for travelling and for socialising. Students can choose to do a complete English proficiency course with all the four skills, i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking, or they can choose to focus on a specific skill they want. Teaching methods are learner and learning-centred. Teachers use a range of stategies that include lectures, workshops, internet, DVDs and power point presentations. The immersion method is the prime focus in all the programmes, with engage students in every activity in English.

Programmes are open to Malaysians as well as international students from all backgrounds who meet the relevant entry criteria. For further information, contact UMCCed at 03-2246 3600 or via email,speak to our English lecturer personally at the 7th Floor, Wisma R&D, Jalan Pantai Baharu, Kuala Lumpur or visit our website at

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